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Why we hate our bodies?

As I scroll through Instagram, I find myself seeing all these plus size women trying to empower men and women alike to love their bodies. Not to fat shame, but to embrace the body we have and love our curves. Then, I scroll on and I see very thin women saying the same thing, love your bodies. I have read comments where skinny women have attacked plus size women and their daughters for being bigger and how unhealthy they are. I have see plus size women attack skinny women for being unhealthy and being too skinny..

All I can say is really? Lets really look at this situation. Social media has the perfect idea of how we are suppose to look, they show us on magazines, videos anything and everything. Yet, what they are not putting out there is how much editing goes into those images we see. Does it matter if women are plus size or women are super skinny?

My grandmother, is a “skinny woman” she was made fun of her whole life for being so skinny. Calling her bony or skinny girl. My mom, on the other hand is not a skinny woman, never has been. My mom has tried every diet, every exercise out there. Ate horrible foods in hopes of losing weight and instead she gained it. My mom has problems losing weight and she always has. But, when my mom gets dressed up she looks amazing. I use to watch her get ready for work and how much care she put forth in her clothes, her hair, her makeup to look good. My mom, my grandmother are both beautiful women. Then you have me, I have struggle with my weight my whole life. I can get smaller but never skinny. I have to be super active in order to lose weight, calories counting does not work for me, diets make me miserable but being active seems to work, but I am never a small person.

Does the size of us make us any different or less deserving of things we want or desire?? No, it does not. Our size does not determine the jobs we have, or the people who will love us, or our children loving us. It is our personalities that make us desirable or undesirable. I do complain about my weight, but only because I am miserable and having health issues, which I know what I have to do in order to solve those problems. But, I do feel like I am pretty and that I deserve good things in my life.

I recently started following a lady who made good points about body images. She wears a bikini to the beach, she is a plus size lady and she will tell you, you need to start living your life for you and now. Look at how much you have missed out or not accepted because you felt you weren’t the right size, but yet that right size never comes along. You know what? She is right. Miss chances and opportunities because of a silly thing like size. Does it really matter??

I have a daughter and all I can think of is I hope she never falls for this unloving yourself crap because she isn’t the “right size”. I hope my son’s do not have to worry about not being accepted because they are built differently or their ears are pierced. What ever happened to loving and accepting all?? Or is that something we say out loud because it makes us feel better about being horrible deep down inside? My advice is if you want to wear that bikini then wear it, wear what speaks to you. Who cares what others think, they are not you, they don’t know what your body has done for you. Be proud and love your bodies!